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Power Up! Free Workshops for Students

Women* and transgender persons are still faced with unequal chances and discrimination in their everyday life at university. To enhance the possibility of participation of students at university, the Women*support Committee of the University of Vienna offers free workshops for women* and trans*persons.

In the workshops you can 

  • get support for writing academic papers and for holding presentations - especially if German is not your first language or if you are not used to academic language
  • learn how to counter dominant speakers and to take more space at university rhetorically 
  • get solid information about your rights at the university 
  • work with others on feminist and queer topics 
  • reflect mechanisms of exclusion and develop alternative agencies in anti-discrimination and empowerment workshops


Workshops summer term 2016

·         Fr, 29. 5.: Dis_ability is Queer Culture – Being proud of oneself in (university) life! (Elisabeth Magdlener,Isa* Garde)

·         Fr, 3. 6., and Sa, 4. 6.: Presentations without stress. Learning how to give talks. (Antonia Cicero)

·         Fr, 14. 6.: Migrated History* (Ezgi Erol, Simone Gaubinger)

We are concerned to organize the events in a barrier-free manner. The workshops are held in lecture rooms suitable for wheelchairs. We organize line links for translation into Austrian sign language if necessary.
Please contact
power_up_workshops@web.de, so that we can respond your individual requirements.


Please apply for the workshop in an informal E-mail to power_up_workshops@web.de, naming your matriculation number and your field of study.
For the whole workshop line (summer term 2013, winter term 2013, summer term 2014, winter term 2014) you can participate at 3 workshops in total. Below, you find the times for applications.

The workshops are held exceptionally for women* and trans*identified people.


Language at the workshops

If there is no other notice, the workshops are hold in German language. In some workshops the contents can be translated to other languages, if required. You find an information at the description of the workshop. Please contact power_up_workshops@web.de, if you need the offering in another language.

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