Change of name and gender for transgender persons

Changing the name and/or gender also requires a change of the master data and documents with public and private institutions.

The University of Vienna guarantees for its sphere of influence that all necessary administrative steps will be taken with the necessary sensitivity and confidentiality:

  • Any persons involved in the process are obliged to maintain confidentiality.
  • Only the persons involved in the process can view the changes of data in the system.
  • A contact person coordinates the necessary steps.
  • The employees involved in the process are trained in dealing sensitively with affected persons.

Please contact the Admission:


Changes in the University's administration system/issuing of a student ID card

The Admission Office enters changes of name and gender in the University's data system. As a result, a new student ID card and study documents are issued. The contact person mentioned above coordinates all necessary steps.

Please note: The data sets of the student ID number and the social security number are linked. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to receive a new student ID number.

Issuing new study/graduation documents

After the Admission Office has recorded the changes in the data system, the StudiesServiceCenter can issue new study and graduation documents.

Issuing new study documents

As soon as the changes have been entered in the system, the documents with the updated data are available for students to print in u:space (student record sheet, confirmation of enrolment, transcript of records, etc.).